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Our company offers decontamination services for a wide range of circumstances by removing, neutralizing, or destroying any harmful substances. With any industrial cleaning job, the most important factor is health and safety. Our team has extensive experience conducting decontamination projects to leave your site safe without compromising the safety of your staff. Following any project, the team will provide a risk-based validation of the procedure to satisfy clients that the site is suitable for future use.

At ATS, you can rely on us for getting decontamination services for your company.You can reduce the risk of contamination post routine shutdowns, emergency responses, or repairs of your site or clean rooms, equipment, and spaces. Your company premises environment can be in a danger due to heavy contamination. In addition, there are many traditional manual cleaning processes that can often fail to reach the contact surfaces. From routine contaminated material reduction to responding rapidly to an unplanned event, ATS can be there for you to resume any sort of operation faster ensuring the protection of the environment, people, products, and the plant premises.

Our Decontamination services in Saudi Arabia leverage the benefits of the equipment with our patented cleaning methodologies. We practice a dry sterilization process that uses low-temperature hydrogen peroxide vapor as a solution for cleaning. We can provide validated maintenance services and our team can help companies avoid contamination which can turn into a huge cost if remains unaddressed. We follow the best practices below:


Our decontamination technology diminishes condensation risk and increases material compatibility with a variety of sensitive materials such as painted surfaces, HEPA filter,and electronic equipment.


Our process is a proven methodology to destroy microorganisms, viruses, and fungi


We have decontamination experts who respond quickly and manage projects from start to finish