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Dry ice blasting is an ideal method for specialized cleaning of surfaces and equipment,as it leaves behind no residue, cleans without causing fire or electrical hazards, and often does not require disassembly. Dry ice blasting is a process that involves cleaning surfaces by targeting them with accelerated dry ice (solid CO2) in a pressurized air stream. It is a non-abrasive cleaning method that removes unwanted substances without damaging fragile equipment. Furthermore, it is environmentally responsible and prevents employee and passenger exposure to potentially harmful chemical cleaning agents.

With Advanced Tech Solutions, you will get a greener industrial cleaning method that will meet your sustainability objectives. The key benefits of our dry ice blasting services are enumerated below:

  • We conduct the process to provide effective cleaning without water and chemicals
  • Our services will help you to increase the uptime through the in-situ cleaning pattern
  • We conduct the entire cleaning without damaging the substrate
  • There will be no further requirement to dissemble the equipment or to let it cool down
  • With our diligent dry ice cleaning services, all hazardous solvents will get eliminated
  • There will be no residue left after the completion of the cleaning process
  • It will be safe to use on any type of electrical component.

Our industrial cleaning services are widely known across Saudi Arabia and we provide excellent services as an alternative to solvents, steam cleaning, HP jetting, and Mechanical Cleaning.

ATS is the leading Dry ice blasting service provider. We perform all kinds of industrial cleaning with the latest technology with pressurized air cleaning to remove rough dirt, unwanted materials, and residue that will stick and stay with the plant equipment due to the environment and other factors of production. Dirt such as hardened soil and sand,oil, chemicals, etc are removed using our industrial cleaning services.