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We commit to restore the efficiency of kitchen exhaust to the highest level possible; to maintain a safe, clean kitchen and eliminate these dangerous hazards.

Every restaurant and food establishment needs to get their kitchen exhausts cleaned.This is because over a period of time, the dust and grime get collected and it needs to be removed. We always prioritize our services for you and will strive to maintain efficiency and accuracy as per our commitment.

In commercial kitchens, there are extraction systems created to expel smoke and smells. The expelled fumes are very greasy and build up hoods, filters, extractors, and conduits. This grease is highly inflammable and generally is responsible for several fires occurring in restaurants. Unhygienic systems compel the ventilators to consume more energy and work harder than usual. Hence, it creates unpleasant smells due to inadequate ventilation.

ATS provides regular kitchen exhaust cleaning services in Saudi Arabia and restaurant chimney cleaning services. You can now remain safe and secure from unnecessary risks. Besides the fire hazard, grease is highly responsible for posing potential dangers, because it proliferates contaminated air leading to diseases, bacteria, mould, and fungus. Grease can also create unwanted smoke and foul smells giving a negative impact to the client’s reputation. To ensure that the extraction systems like kitchen exhausts are extremely cleaned and well disinfected, ATS deploys a team of robust disinfectant experts for cleaning kitchen exhausts of residential as well as commercial buildings.