Hydro blasting & Hydro jetting Services in Saudi Arabia | ATS



Our team has many years of expertise in high-pressure water jetting and is equipped with the latest and most powerful high pressure water jet cleaning technology. We provide water jetting services up to 40,000 psi,

Our UHP hydro jetting services in Saudi Arabia are the most powerful and efficient way to remove redundant products in large tanks and pipelines. We also provide hydro blasting services to eliminate concrete with high water pressure. With our services, the unwanted concrete will be removed by cutting through the matrix and by leaving behind the reinforcing.

Our UHP hydro jetting is an excellent way to conduct high-pressure cleaning without zero damage to the structure and that too with the minimum usage of water. The UHP water jets do not need high heat just as cleaning methods need. Also, water jets are the best choice and a perfect replacement for adopting high-heat cleaning methods. UHP stands for Ultra-high pressure water which is most often preferred instead of adopting high-pressure water jetting. Any other traditional method will help you remove and clean the surface and clear the coatings with minimal water. By this traditional method, a minimum of waste will be produced in a very short period.

ATS has specialized in water jetting cleaning for a long time. We can fulfill the project and your needs however large or small it is. Our UHP hydro blasting service providing team will arrive at your premises with full protection by using the latest TST suits to cover themselves first. At ATS, we have deeply invested in developing a robust infrastructure that can be deployed at the right time with the right number of people carrying the perfect skills to ensure a perfect water jet cleaning strategy is obtained. ATS has a dedicated number of UHP cleaning units to be used in the controlled areas.