Marine Electrical & Instrumentation Services in Saudi Arabia | ATS



Our highly trained and skilled electricians and foremen can provide services such as implementing diagnostic tests to monitor and ensure work quality assurance to global offshore marine facilities. We also provide electrical and instrumentation support services and are capable of handling E&I projects–no matter how challenging. With the latest innovations in technology, our highly qualified team is ready to work on any project no matter the length or difficulty.

At ATS we offer a full range of electrical and instrumentation services in Saudi Arabia for all marine and offshore projects. From design to execution and from providing service to maintenance, we manage the complete life cycle. We have trained and skilled electricians and electrical foremen who perform diagnostic and curative work along with the monitoring to offshore and global marine facilities.

The focus of our team is to help people in achieving the exact balance in terms of the design and the operational capacity of the vessel. ATS has in-house efficiency and enough caliber to perform all the core activities such as detailed design, conceptual design, control circuit schematics, engineering solutions, project engineering support, specification development, etc. We have a strong network of technical experts and inspectors who offer world-class verification services. With this, we provide enough confidence to our customers to abide by the compliance for preparing plans, and procedures and maintaining assets in tune with all the operational requirements.

ATS can deliver total solutions from system conception, and engineering supply to installation and testing, and commissioning in electrical engineering fields to automation and instrumentation. Our detailed engineering services are:

  • Control circuit schematics
  • Detailed design and engineering solutions
  • Navigation equipment troubleshooting
  • Level reading and alarm systems repairs and calibrations for cargo equipment and ballast systems leveling valve control, and deck actuators repairing.
  • Pneumatic instrumentation, repairs and calibration
  • Wiring/Rewriting
  • Service and Survey of Ex electrical appliances
  • Cabling Surveys