In us, you’ll receive a highly skilled and qualified team coupled with advanced technologies and equipment. Our bevy of services for blasting & painting includes:Painting and Scaffolding services, Grit Blasting, Hydro Blasting, Cargo Hold washing & painting, and draft mark painting.

We’re capable of handling various projects when it comes to cleaning, surface preparation, and painting. Examples include:

  • The expert Blasting and Painting of Decks, Hatch Coatings, Pipelines, Hatch Covers, Super Structures, Cargo Tanks, Storage Tanks, and Ballast Tanks.
  • Chemical, High Pressure, Steam Washing, & De-Mucking of cargo and fuel tanks.
  • Mechanical Descaling.
  • Removing asphaltenic sludge and other substances.
  • Cleaning and Painting Engine and Pump Rooms.
  • Descaling Steel Corrosion Control.
  • Hydro Blasting within a range of 1,000 bars to 2,800 bars.