Blasting & Painting Services in Saudi Arabia | ATS



In us, you’ll receive a highly skilled and qualified team coupled with advanced technologies and equipment. Our bevy of services for blasting & painting includes: Painting and Scaffolding services, Grit Blasting, Hydro Blasting, Cargo Hold washing & painting, and draft mark painting.

We’re capable of handling various projects when it comes to cleaning, surface preparation, and painting. Examples include:

  • The expert Blasting and Painting of Decks, Hatch Coatings, Pipelines, Hatch Covers, Super Structures, Cargo Tanks, Storage Tanks, and Ballast Tanks.
  • Chemical, High Pressure, Steam Washing, & De-Mucking of cargo and fuel tanks.
  • Mechanical Descaling.
  • Removing asphaltenic sludge and other substances.
  • Cleaning and Painting Engine and Pump Rooms.
  • Descaling Steel Corrosion Control.
  • Hydro Blasting within a range of 1,000 bars to 2,800 bars.

At ATS, we offer various kinds of blasting and painting services in Saudi Arabia to the marine industry. This also includes the UHP ultra high pressure, hydro blasting, and other traditional grit and steel ball blasting services. We know the importance of surface preparation and its necessity for the satisfactory performance of any paint system. With the most advanced and expensive painting systems, you may fail to clean the surface preparation adequately.

We have skilled blasters and painters who are committed to providing the service that is best and most relevant. We have the best solutions, and methods and use high-quality materials. We work in difficult to reach locations for the repair work. We also take up a strict timeline-oriented project.

Our services include:

  • Hydro-blasting
  • Shipbuilding blasting and painting
  • Structural blasting and painting
  • Pipe blasting and painting
  • SS Pipe blasting and painting
  • Ultra High-Pressure Blasting
  • Grit Blasting
  • Mobile blast units for transport at all locations
  • Silicon hull treatment application
  • Environmental Protective Wrapping