Automated Industrial Cleaning Services in Saudi Arabia | ATS



Industrial cleaning robots are mobile and application-specific robots that automate industrial cleaning processes. These robots automate routine, dangerous, or dirty work for the sake of safety and efficiency. Utilizing automated cleaning machines improve efficiency and cleanliness.

Industries produce a heavy lot of sediments and residues during their entire production chain. Various kinds of residue such as dust, sludge, grease, and much more can hamper the production machinery from working smoothly. They may further pose a risk to industrial companies and to their employees.

ATS recommends all industrial site managers conduct machine downtime with the aim to clean the equipment so that it can maintain and augment its productivity from time to time along with safety. Companies must know that machine downtime is expensive. Apart from the price it takes to clean the dirt, there are several losses due to the breakdown in the entire manufacturing process. Therefore, industries must know that it is important to reduce the duration of downtime in the most efficient possible way. Also, companies must know that Automated industrial cleaning services are the safest and most seamless methods to ensure the safety of the plant and the employees who operate the plant amidst various kinds of equipment.

The requirement for industrial equipment is disruptive to business operations. However, ATS is providing full-service Automated industrial cleaning services in Saudi Arabia and maintenance services for all kinds of industries for more than a decade. We innovate to provide 100% hands-free solutions that ensure risk minimization and lesser duration of cleaning.

Keeping this in mind, ATS uses a technically advanced and cost-effective solution to rapidly yet efficiently dissolve and break down the contaminants inside the piping, boilers, tanks, cooling water systems, and reactors. We have designed automated tank cleaning technologies that range from hydro-blasting cleaning services and robot cleaning to chemical cleaning.