Our team is well-adept at handling any MTU engine repairs. Whether you’re needing an MTU engine to be cleaned or are in need of a complete overhaul, our team can assist you. Our rigorous restoration operations will ensure that your MTU engine and systems are returned to original factory specifications. With our team utilizing their technical expertise, you will be happy to know that your equipment will deliver the same high-quality performance from their original factory parts.

We will start with a disassembly and the cleaning of your MTU engine. Next we will investigate any possible issues through utilizing methods such as:

  • Analyzing fluids and materials.
  • Measuring, inspecting, and evaluating all parts against any factory specifications.
  • Performing a crack test on parts when needed.
  • Documenting all the results.

Following our investigation process, we will then rework and overhaul necessary components (crankshafts, heat inserts and couplings, coolers, etc.). Once we’ve identified your MTU’s engine problems we will start to replace the necessary components in our reassembly phase by utilizing the latest techniques and factory parts. Lastly, we will test your MTU engine to ensure that it’s now running properly to both you and factory demands.