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Our team understands firsthand how crucial it is to have a functioning HVAC system that can both meet and exceed expectations. Maritime and offshore operations demand the utmost safety of one’s crew as well as the safe and economic sound execution of rigs and vessels. To reduce overall costs associated with operations and maintenance, you should enlist the distinguished services our company offers. Coupled with assisting in HVAC maintenance services, we can also help advise and implement a customized HVAC maintenance plan that includes integrating effective communications and procedures, managing overhead costs and workflow, developing hands-on strategy studies, and managing expenses. We’re partnered with Trident’s survey tools that allows us to fully analyze an HVAC system’s status and estimate future trajectories.

Trident is globally known and has plenty of stable business relationships with HVAC and refrigeration equipment manufacturers as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Through this unique partnership we’re able to source top-notch spare parts as well as providing expert maintenance services that can rectify or replace defunct or defective equipment.


Duct cleaning is another useful service in our roster. While sometimes overlooked, the proper maintenance of ducts will ensure that you’re not breathing in dirty or contaminated air, you should contact our team. Failure to schedule regular cleaning of HVAC ducts can result in contaminates accumulating in your marine air ducts,restricting air flow.

In addition to forcing your HVAC systems to work harder (increasing operating expenses) and potentially damaging your equipment, contaminated air can also put your crew’s safety in jeopardy. Respiratory issues such as sinus infections or headaches are common. Some strong indicators that you could use duct cleaning include:

  • Is a requirement of your company’s procedures or protocols.
  • Never have had ducts cleaned or have been several years since last being serviced.
  • Inadequate air flow when the system is functioning.
  • A strange odor coming from the system when operating.
  • Vermin such as insects or rodents have populated the system or nearby areas.
  • A crew member(s) or associate(s) have had recent respiratory issues such as severe headaches or nasal congestion.
  • Considerable amounts of moisture within the duct system.
  • Inside air may be subjected to pet dander, tobacco smoke, or any other factors that can contribute to contaminated air.
  • By choosing ATS Marine for any HVAC maintenance services you will be receiving:
  • A highly qualified team with the latest technology and engineering expertise.
  • Competitive prices paired with excellent customer service.
  • A team committed to resolving any root problems.
  • Access to the latest equipment.
  • Implementing support for PMS (Preventive Maintenance System).